Welcome to the website of The First Baptist Church of Troy, New Hampshire (better known as Troy Baptist Church). Thank you for stopping by to check us out! We have a history and a heritage that go back over two centuries. Our church auditorium has recently undergone major renovations. If those old, hand-hewn beams that support the structure of the building could talk, what a story they could tell.

Troy Baptist Church Black and White Photo

We live in a constantly changing world, therefore we try to keep current with the programs and technology available to meet the new challenges people face. However, the source to finding the answer to life’s contemporary problems and needs has not changed since our beginnings shortly after Roger Williams founded the Baptist work here in America. We teach and preach the Scriptures as the inspired, written Word of God, our final authority and answer to all of life’s issues. We seek to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ as the Living Word and the answer to our relationship with God.

If you are living near, moving to, or simply planning to visit Southwestern New Hampshire, please come visit us in person and experience this centuries' old gem in a new setting. We would be happy to have you worship and fellowship with us.

- Pastor Donn F. Williams